factors affecting infection rates


Research highlights a worrying disparity

Older people are at a higher risk of catching the virus. In addition to that, the mortality rates among males has been observed to be almost double as compared to that of females. And these trends remain almost consistent globally. Any variation, by country, has been reported here.

Find the WHO's statement on age disparity during this pandemic.

This report on the CDC website pointed out the link between hospitalization rates and characteristics of patients.

Medical News today compiled in-depth data with country comparisions.

An article analysed data from Wuhan, China, and found that males are likely to have a far worse outcome in the form of severity and death rates. NPR suggested that owing to behavioral differences between genders, males are more likely to get tested only when symptoms are more prominent. Hence, this could point towards the disproportionate death rates


Pre-existing conditions have been linked with COVID severity

Hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes, blood clotting issues, and cancer - all of them have been linked with COVID infection rate and severity.

A comprehensive report can be accessed here.


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