Our Secret

TraCOV uses the Wolfram Language to quickly extract the most recent COVID patient data from reliable sources.

unique, seamless experience

what makes traCOV different


While designing the webapp, we prioritized the user experience - it was important to make it easy for laypeople to use and understand. The various features provide transparent information that is reliable and crucial.


Our risk threshold values have been calculated based off peer-reviewed research papers. These papers detail the age and gender disparity in infection rates. Find more on our Research page.


We not only provide risk level based off both location and gender + age, but also a global map of cases within the age range. Additionally, you can explore a graphical display of confirmed cases in your country and the current death rate for cases in specified age range and gender.

Tra(ck)COV(ID) - within seconds

The Power of Computation

You can find a sample result from our web tool beside.