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Why TraCOV

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traCOV addresses gender and age disparity in COVID infection and survival rates on a country level.

It calculates risk level based on your gender, age, and country. First, a risk is calculated based solely on your location. This is done by calculating the most recent case count for your country from the Wolfram dataset, and dividing this case count by the population of your country, also based on Wolfram data. The second component of risk level is based on age range and gender. The number of cases is retrieved from Wolfram data for people of your gender and in your age range in tens, from 0-10 all the way to 90-99. This number is divided by the number of people around the world in your age range and of your gender, which is collected from the United Nations. The two risk levels, risk due to country and risk due to age range and gender, are both multiplied by 100 for simplicity and are then summed to generate a final risk. We set threshold numbers to determine what should define low, moderate, high, and very high risks based on the risk outputs for many locations, genders, and ages.